Office carpets replaced without disruption

Are you a Business Owner, Office Premise or a Facilities Manager faced with the task of replacing old flooring in your office?

Is the thought of the disruption to your staff and business putting you off the decision to replace your floor?

Does the potential cost of upheaval outweigh the benefit of a refreshed, improved and safe working environment?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, then Axiom has the solution. Axcess.

Axcess is a professional lifting system that enables you to replace your old office carpet in occupied office areas, without the need to remove any furniture.

The principle is very simple. Axcess lifts workstations, filing cabinets and other office furniture, allowing our technicians to remove the old flooring and replace it with new. There is no dismantling or disconnection of IT, power or data, as entire workstations can just be raised and then worked around. There is no risk of loss or damage to office furniture and no need for storage while the carpet is being replaced.

Your staff won’t even have to clear the tops of their desks and phones, computers and other items of office equipment can remain connected.

We ensure there’s no downtime to your business as our technicians operate outside working hours, at weekends, or even throughout the night, eliminating the substantial costs associated with loss of productivity.

What is the process?

  • Contact our office to make an appointment for one of our consultants to meet you to discuss your needs and budget.
  • We will undertake a free survey and assessment of the areas to be replaced.
  • With our superior buying power we are able to independently source the most cost effective flooring products to meet your aesthetic and budget requirements. We will provide free flooring samples and options for your consideration.
  • Select your chosen product and place order for the works.
  • An Axiom Project Manager will be allocated to you and will introduce both themselves and the installation team.
  • We will then provide a job schedule detailing which areas will be replaced on which night.

An example of the schedule is shown below, please click on images to enlarge.

As the works are undertaken outside of normal working hours it is essential that the lines of communication are effective and clear. For this reason we provide a dedicated Project Diary which will be completed by our foreman after each shift recording the team’s progress and highlighting any issues they may have experienced. Similarly if the Client wants to raise any points, change the sequence of works or wants to raise a query, they can write in the diary which will be checked by our foreman before then next shift commences.

Painless office carpet replacement

Axcess carpet replacement is virtually invisible to employees and practically painless for facility managers. Except for protecting breakables, there is no need to pack office contents, disassemble or reassemble furniture or worry about IT, data or power wiring. You do not need a host of specialists in attendance – the Axiom team is all that needed to do the job.

Carpet tile replacement that used to take days is now reduced to only a matter of hours.

For more information please contact Nick Edwards on 01525 844000 or email

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